Friday, 14 December 2018

What I want for Christmas

It’s a good few years since I stopped believing in Santa Claus, but after the events of the past week, I’ve decided to give him one more chance. So here’s my Christmas present wish list.

Dear Santa

What I really, really want for Christmas is a bunch of MPs who will vote according to what they think will be best for their country, not just best for their party.

Can I also have a prime minister who says what she believes, not just what she thinks will get her through one more crisis?

The thing is, Santa, I’d love to unwrap something on Christmas morning that will make me feel a bit better about the future. I’ve looked everywhere online for something called an UnBrexit, but I haven’t found anything at all. Perhaps you’ll have more luck.

How about a Make A New Prime Minister kit? I’ve never been much good at making things, but I’m sure I could do a lot better than whoever made the one we’ve got.

Can I have a Book of Spells as well? I’d love a Make People Disappear spell, because I’ve got a long list of people I want to try it on. I’d start with Boris Johnson (did you see that The Economist named him as this year’s ‘politician who has done most to let down his party and country’? They called him ‘a demagogue not a statesman’, and said ‘he is the most irresponsible politician the country has seen for many years.’ That’s why I want to make him disappear.)

If I can make the spell work, I’d also try it out on Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Chris Grayling and Dominic Raab. I’m sure you’re familiar with Ko-Ko’s song in The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan: ‘They’d none of ‘em be missed, they’d none of ‘em be missed.’

I know you realise that I’m far too old to be writing letters to Santa: you know perfectly well that I know, deep down, that they are the stuff of fantasy. But fantasy seems to be all I’ve got left this Christmas – I’ve had a bellyful of reality and I’ve decided I don’t like it very much.

I particularly don’t like reading articles like this one, in which Brexit-obsessed Britain is mocked as ‘small, boring and stupid’. ‘It is Britain’s unique ignorance that makes Britain so boring. Ignorant about its leverage and ignorant about the EU, the U.K. is coming across as clumsy and caddish.’

Oh yes, one last thing. Could you tell people to stop asking me what’s going to happen next? Perhaps you could put a little note under every Christmas tree: ‘Robin Lustig wants you to know he’s a reporter, not a fortune teller.’ (I did try a bit of futurology last week, but it wasn’t a great success.)

On which note, happy Christmas to one and all.


Rita said...

And a Happy Christmas to you too, Robin. I look forward to your articles as a breath of fresh air in this stinking morass we currently find ourselves in. That Politico piece was also very refreshing - as a former resident of another EU country (and friends with a number of other Brits who still live there) I know that the present situation in the UK is beyond belief to most non-residents. 2019 has just got to be better!

DuncanGreenland said...

I promise not to ask you again for your predictions until after the New Year

Anonymous said...

" as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns- the ones we don't know we don't know." Donald Rumsfeld - talking about Iraq but, golly, doesn't it sum up Brexit on both sides?

What a mess.

Have a good Christmas, Robin, and I'll look forward to your column in the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin
I'm trying to get the phrase "Intergalactic clusterf*ck" into the English language, and Brexit is helping remarkably well with my little project

And all because half the population of the UK don't understand the difference between patriotism and nationalism


Anonymous said...

PS, have a great Christmas, and don't forget to turn the TV & radio off, & don't look at your PC. You don't want to spoil it

(feel free to append this to my previous post!)

Tinkersdamn said...

It sounds as though all you want for Christmas is a conviction politician. Before next Christmas you may have one -- ready or not.

We just lost one of ours to retirement, Jerry Brown. In a departing interview with Politico Magazine he noted that in this time of late stage capatalism, the populaces of liberal democracies around the world understand that their governments don't represent their interests, that something's wrong. Yet these populaces have become so fractured, "diversified", that the body politic of these nations lack the coherence to chart a constructive path forward.